Counseling Services

Individual counseling for adults (ages 18 and up)

I work with a range of behavioral and emotional issues that span from grief, depression, anxiety, addictions, and more.  In a private, comfortable setting I offer a highly personalized approach to counseling that is tailored to individuals’ unique needs to attain the growth and change they are seeking. Some services I offer include: mental health counseling for adults and adolescents using evidence-based approaches to support healing change, growth, and emotional relief clinical hypnotherapy, including Heart Centered Hypnotherapy™  to promote contact with available inner resources, healing inner hurt, to change unwanted habits & improve well-being EMDR (Eye movement desensitization & reprocessing) grief/loss counseling, including grief support with The Grief Recovery        Method® mindfulness-based therapies for chronic pain, stress reduction, and more

Individual counseling for adolescents (ages 14 to 18)

Issues concerning self-image, self-esteem, stress, procrastination behaviors, anxiety and depression are common among youth.  I offer confidential support and skill-building to teens who are striving to cope with internal and external challenges they can encounter in everyday life.  I draw upon established counseling tools and techniques that can empower teens to take an active and responsible role in their own change process.  We work together to promote self-awareness and positive habits that can lead to effective choices, better relationships, and self-confidence.

Grief & bereavement counseling

Grief services are offered to individuals encountering chronic illness, powerful life changes, or who are in need of support through grieving a death, or wish to help loved ones coping with loss.  While grieving is normal and natural, sometimes an individual can struggle with ways to effectively move through the challenging emotions, thoughts and behaviors than can accompany it.  I will work with you individually, accompanying you through your grief and mourning to help you reconcile it with your ongoing life while restoring value, meaning, hope and healing. Online counseling services are offered to individuals residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who wish to receive services from home or elsewhere.  This is a good option for individuals who may not be able to travel to the outpatient office due to distance, travel limitations, health issues, or who prefer to use secure telehealth counseling from a private location. For more information, please contact Melissa to learn the simple steps for using online counseling services.   No software download is required.

Insurances accepted:

Aetna Blue Cross/Blue Shield Highmark United Behavioral Health United Healthcare UPMC (commercial) Compsych Self-pay rates are also available. Contact Melissa for more information.
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